Don Pedro’s selected pulses are a wide range of national pulses carefully selected to ensure an extra tender and buttery leguminous cereal ideal for both traditional and modern cuisine.

Dried Pulses

Dried pulses are obtained through a meticulous production process beginning with the choice of seeds, harvest, selection and measurement of each grain, and packaging with cutting-edge materials to preserve their organoleptic qualities.

A wide assortment of the most appreciated pulses of our land, chosen by their exceptional size, as in the case of the giant chickpea and the giant bean or by their incomparable soaking and cooking behaviour. They are Chickpeas, Lentils and Beans in their different varieties.

IGP Escacena chickpea: The chickpea from Escacena is grown in the so-called region “El Campo de Tejada”. This enclave, due to its particular orographic conditions, produces a milky and buttery white chickpea with very thin skin, which provides a unique flavour to dishes.


Pardina Lentils 1 Kg

Pardina Lentils 500 g

Castilian Lentils 1 Kg


Don Pedro Giant Chickpeas 1 Kg

Pedrosillano Chickpeas 1 Kg

Don Pedro Giant Chickpeas 500 g

Chickpeas IGP Escacena 700 g


White Beans 1 Kg

White Beans 500 g

Don Pedro Fabada Beans 500 g

Don Pedro Baby Beans 500 g

Don Pedro Giant Beans 500 g

Cooked Pulses

We present a selection of the best pulses, precooked and ready to eat, in stews, salads or as garnish, they are pulses in their optimum point of cooking, always a success.

Don Pedro Giant Chickpeas

Don Pedro Precooked Giant Beans

Don Pedro Precooked Lentils

Don Pedro Precooked Baby Beans

Don Pedro Baby Chickpeas 540 g

Don Pedro Natural Fresh White Beans 325g

Gluten-free Flour

We offer the following gluten-free flours; chickpea flour and quinoa flour, both highly nutritious products which can replace wheat flour in any type of recipes and dishes.

Chickpea flour: We offer this product in packages of 400 g and 2 kg. Traditionally, very popular flour for frying fish or making shrimp pancakes although it has multiple uses and can replace wheat flour in all kinds of sweet or savoury dishes. Highly nutritious flour and another way for enjoying our healthy pulses!

Quinoa flour: Highly appreciated flour for cooking best nutritious dishes, suitable for any diet either for kids or adults, due to its high content of vegetable protein. It can be used in stews, soups, as thickening ingredient or for oven cooking. It is presented in 400 g packages.

Chickpea Flour 2kg

Chickpea Flour 400 g

Quinoa Flour 400g


Highly nutritious flour as it is rich in vegetal protein. Don Pedro Quinoa is sold in 500g packages.

Don Pedro Quinoa 500g

Ready Meals

We offer 3 stews cooked in a natural way, without preservatives or colour additives our selected pulses are cooked with vegetables and ingredients from local area: Don Pedro Giant Chickpeas with cuttlefish from the Bay, Don Pedro Giant Beans with pumpkin and Lentils with Retinto Beef. A delicious and nutritious meal ready to heat!

Judión con calabaza / Garbanza con choco / Lentejas con ternera Retinta

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